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Virtual Assistant - Secreterial Support

Beeasy can practically take on all the work required by secretarial support that does not require a physical presence. This means that our secretary can take on the set up of a Power Point professional file, up to the overall management and monitoring of a project. Thus Beeasy can successfully become your remote secretary!

At beeasy, we undertake project management for your business in terms of communicating with your customers and partners, managing emails, sending bids, organizing office processes and any other secretarial support.

Through an organized online platform - a beeasy office environment, we ensure that your relationship with your virtual secretary is interactive, immediate and well organized! This helps provide a broad and high-level range of office support services to help you save time and concentrate on developing your business. Specifically beeasy undertakes the following:

  • Project Management: After understanding the subject of the project, we create a customized proposal that includes a complete analysis of the process, organization, workflow, responsible and auxiliary staff as well as other details for the best possible collaboration. The client is informed in real time about the progress of the project through our interactive client-secretary communication platform.
  • Document Formatting
  • Mail management (email, fax, etc.)
  • Data entry in various systems or applications
  • Design & management of Spread Sheets
  • Reporting - Progress reviews
  • Creation of professional presentations in PowerPoint
  • Newsletters management - template building
  • WebSite / blog management
  • Social media management