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Beeasy Call Center Management application

Beeasy has the unique online and mobile app beeasy Calls, which is a handy and functional tool for professionals and businesses to have full control of their telephone communication.

The beeasy calls application is linked to our call center and enables you to:

  • Check your calls in real time
  • Categorize your calls
  • Categorize contacts
  • Configure dynamic fields in calls
  • Configure dynamic fields in contacts
  • Automatically create contacts agenda
  • Ability to track call history for each customer
  • Appointment calendar
  • Simultaneous use of a calendar by multiple users and real-time update
  • Calendar configuration
  • Synchronize with google calendar
  • Sync with google contacts
  • Call recording capability
  • Interactive communication with your secretary for every call
  • Assign tasks to your secretary remotely
  • Send call details by email / sms
  • Send sms - appointment reminders to your customers
  • Multiple user levels: Users who track all calls and users who only monitor calls made to them
  • Multiple call tracking filters
  • Display outstanding and processed requests
  • Formulate instructions to call agents in real time
  • Δυνατότητα παραχώρησης άδειας χρήσης της εφαρμογής από τους πελάτες της beeasy.
  • Statistical analysis and reporting
  • Ability to export in excel

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