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Certified Mikrotik Training

Certified Mikrotik Training center

The many years of experience of beeasy executives in the field of wireless microwave links and the implementation of network scenarios across the Routerboard product range have led to the provision of certified Mikrotik training services. Mikrotik.

Mikrotik Training is provided by Mikrotik Certified Trainers and includes specially formulated educational material for each level and Mikrotik certification.

Mikrotik's cycle of seminars and certifications aims to acquire specialized knowledge to effectively manage, customize and solve the problems that arise in Mikrotik's Routerboard devices.

The offered Mikrotik certificates are the following:

MTCNA – MikroTik Certified Network Associate

MTCRE – MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer

MTCWE – MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineer

MTCTCE – MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer

MTCUME – MikroTik Certified User Management Engineer

MTCINE – MikroTik Certified Inter-networking Engineer

Apart from proposed courses and required material from Mikrotik, beeasy organizes and delivers specialized seminars and support on issues related to custom needs of professionals involved in network configuration and installation.

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