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Free wifi hotspot management

beesocial What is it

Bee social modifies your wireless network appropriately so you can take advantage of Social Media for your benefit. Combined with our complete statistics platform, we can turn WiFi into an AFORDABLE advertising and promotion tool for your business. Give Wifi access via Social Networks with Mikrotik hotspot.

Beesocial can work both as a free wi-fi hotspot and as part of your company's marketing strategy. It's a "2 in 1 tool" that helps you build a long-term relationship with your community.

Before you start looking for potential customers and potential followers on social media, beesocial enables you to make the most of the free Wi-Fi offered on your premises and develop with your real customers a digital relationship through the internet and social media.

With beesocial there is no longer the need to ask for your wifi passwords. Beesocial allows your customers to connect quickly and without hassle. It increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees, as they are not wasting time by giving username and passwords.

Beesocial gives you access to statistics and data and demographics which allow you to get to know your customers and their preferences. A qualitative analysis of your customer base.

Beesocial is an effective tool for your marketing, sales and rewarding strategy. You can easily measure your clients' loyalty and reward them the way you choose, track their preferences and create targeted contests, promotions and gifts.

Δώστε πρόσβαση Wifi μέσω των Social Networks


Step 1: Your customers choose your wi-fi from their smartphone, tablet or laptop and their web browser opens automatically

Step 2: They are asked to sign in to their social network(s) account (no "like" or any other commitment required from the user), or alternatively skip this step and log in without providing details. If they agree, data such as email etc are collected and can be used for future promotional activities

Step 3: Users are redirected to a page you have selected (e.g., video with mandatory tracking, social media page, questionnaire, review, ad, site, etc.) and aqcuire direct access to the internet of your premises


  • Easy online access and control wherever you are
  • Collect and statistically process your customers' demographic information (as it is given in their public profile on Facebook if they use it to log in)
  • Statistics about network traffic and users
  • Bandwidth control mechanism - ability to prohibit the download or upload of large files
  • Banned access to specific url(s)
  • Ability to create a campaign, contest, promotional activity


Beesocial provides a user-friendly and fully customizable page that you can configure within minutes to organize promotions like:

  • Promotion of products
  • Update for events
  • Social networking